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Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world, many of its symptoms have been reported which appear before the virus is affected, including cough, fever, increased body temperature and cold. These days, even if a person has a common cough or a cold, they are considered a symptom of the coronavirus. But if you are falling ill again and again, then you may be a victim of the Coronavirus. In such a situation, including such things in the food you take daily, which makes your immune system strong and keeps you away from diseases. If your immunity is strong then you will be able to avoid diseases and viruses like a corona. In such a situation, you should consume these three things daily to avoid its infection.


1. Turmeric



Consuming turmeric powder in milk increases the immune system. Because it has a high amount of antibiotic property. The immune system reduces the pain in the body by increasing the capacity, besides it can also be used in food. Consuming turmeric with milk is beneficial at night.

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