Prince Harry, Meghan suffered through ‘exploitation’ at the hands of the royal family. Photo: Purepeople

Prince Harry, Meghan were ‘exploited’ at the hands of the royal family

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved, news began circulating which claims that the couple felt wrongfully ‘exploited’ and ‘trapped’ during their time as part of the royal family.

A source close to the couple recently came out, claiming that the royal family would “exploit their popularity when convenient.” This led to the pair feeling ‘trapped’ and constrained by their lifestyle, with no choice left by but to leave.

The insider was quoted talking to the Daily Mail, stating, “They felt that the institution only wanted to trot them out to exploit their popularity when convenient. Otherwise it wanted to constrain because it was jealous and threatened by their popularity.”

Another confidant of the couple also claimed that the couple “felt the family just couldn’t handle them,” thus “the felt trapped and believed senior establishment figures, including William, were trying to derail them.”

However, there are also reports flooding in which claim that Prince Harry and Meghan blindsided the British monarchy from the beginning. Royal reporter Rebecca English claims “Unknown to anyone, the couple had in fact been ‘plotting’ life outside of Britain.”

Not only that, Prince Harry had already informed his royal aids of his plans to leave the royal family shortly after Christmas, even before that news was revealed to the Queen

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