Hyderabad: Dr. Seema Mishra of the University of Hyderabad’s Biochemistry Department, School of Life Sciences, is experimenting with the coronavirus vaccine. Seema says that she will soon discover the coronavirus vaccine. She has developed a potential vaccine candidate named T cell epitopes. This novel is being prepared to eliminate all structural and non-structural proteins of corona virus 2, which are currently being tested.

These vaccine candidates are small corona viral peptides, molecules, which are used by cells to trigger immune responses, destroying the cells that are harboring these viral peptides. A press release has been issued by the university regarding this new discovery, which states that Dr. Seema Mishra has prepared these potential epitopes using powerful immunoformatics approach with computational software. They have been prepared in such a way that they can be used to vaccinate the entire population.

It usually takes 15 years to find a vaccine, but with the help of powerful computational tools, these vaccine candidates can be quickly listed. It only takes 10 days

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